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Wednesday, September 9, 2009; 10:14pm
Hello everybody. Over the summer I decided to start couponing, and I never realized how much money I would save! Recently I decided to start posting my savings on my facebook, then thought 'why not start a blog?' so here I am! There are some really fantastic websites and blogs that help me plan my shopping trips, and I will link to all of them. This blog will be primarily for me to show how I've done with my shopping, and hopefully inspire you to start saving money, too. Its really easy to coupon, you just have to devote a little bit of time. If you have any suggestions/comments/questions for me, feel free to ask!

Friday, October 2, 2009

New month, new coupons!

The beginning of the month means all of the printable coupon sites are reloaded, and some new coupons are up.  Here's a quick rundown for you, with many thanks to Michelle at I Heart Saving Money for the list of Upromise coupons.
The best thing about right now is that there are a LOT of coupons for Hasboro games/toys with high values--$70 total.  Here is a list of those, but remember that there are lots of great grocery coupons over there too!
$5/1 Mr Potato Head Silly Suitcase toy
$10/1 Playskool Dance Cam toy
$5/1 Playskool Tumble 'N Twirl Top toy
$2/1 Mr. Potato Head or Mrs. Potato Head toy
$10/1 Playskool Musical Sit 'N Spin toy
$3/1 Playskool Lullaby Gloworm toy
$5/1 Mr. Potato Head Spud Buds toy
$5/1 Playskool DinoRoars Hatchlings toy
$10/1 Playskool DinoRoars Stompers toy
$5/1 Playskool Swing 'N Score Baseball toy
$5/1 Playskool Activity Ball toy
$5/1 Playskool Step STart Walk 'N Ride toy
$5/1 Playskool Busy Ball Popper toy

Red Plum
One great coupon that I just spotted on Red Plum is $1/1 New England Coffee, which Publix has on BOGO this week! 20 other good coupons show up for me, remember to put in your zip code for more coupons!

Smart Source
7 pages full of great deals to choose from!


Upromise is where you can save money for college for your kids, yourself, or whoeveer you want.  These coupons don't save you money off the purchase, but put that amount in your Upromise account.  The coupons for the month of October are:
-$1/1 Gold Bond Ult Powder  Buy any 1 Gold Bond Ultimate® Powder (excluding trial size),
-$1/1 Gold Bond Med Powder  Buy any 1 Gold Bond® Medicated Powder (excluding 1 oz. trial size), 
-$2/1 Gold Bond Ult Sooth  Buy any 1 Gold Bond Ultimate® Soothing Lotion, sav
-$2/1 Gold Bond Anti-Itch  Buy any 1 Gold Bond® Anti-Itch Lotion,
-$1/1 Chiquita Bites  Buy any 1 Chiquita Bites Singles, located in the produce section
- $1/1 Gold Bond Lotion  Buy any 1 Gold Bond® Lotion (excluding trial size),
-$1.50/1 Chiquita Bites  Buy any 1 Chiquita Bites Multipack or Family Pack, located in the produce section, 
-$.55/1 Fisher Fusion Snack  Buy any one of 8 delicious Fisher Fusions Snack Mixes, 
- $1/1 Krunchers! Chips  Buy any Krunchers! Kettle Style Potato Chips 9.625oz,
-$.50/1 Snyder’s of Hanover  Buy any Snyder’s of Hanover Sourdough Hard Pretzels 13.5oz,
-$.75/1 Lime Away  Buy any 1 Lime Away,
-$1.50/1 Spray’n Wash B&W  Buy any 1 Spray ‘n Wash Bright & White, 
-$.75/1 Glass Plus  Buy any 1 Glass Plus, 
-$.50/1 Spray’n Wash  Buy any 1 Spray ‘n Wash,
-$1/1 Elmer’s Krazy Glue  Buy any 2 Instant Krazy Glue,  Krazy Glue comes in convenient single use tubes — so you can always have Krazy Glue when you need it! For an instant bond that stays strong, nothing beats Krazy Glue!
-$1/1 Gold Bond Baby Powd  Buy any 1 Gold Bond® Baby Powder
-$5/2 Infant Formula  Buy 2 Similac Infant Formula,
-$1/1 Huggies Diapers  Buy any 1 package of HUGGIES or HUGGIES Supreme Diapers,
-$1/1 Blue Bunny Sedona  Buy any one (1) box of Blue Bunny® Sedona Frozen Yogurt Granola Sandwiches
- $.50/1 T. Marzetti  Buy any 1 New York Brand Frozen Product, 
-$1/1 Blue Bunny Aspen  Buy any one (1) box of Blue Bunny® Aspen Frozen Yogurt Granola Bars,
-$.50/1 Wacky Mac  Buy 1 Wacky Mac Multi-Shaped and Multi-Colored Pasta, sav
-$1/2 Weight Watchers  Buy any two (2) Weight Watchers® Ice Cream Multi-Packs, 
-$.50/1 Wacky Mac & Cheese  Buy 1 Wacky Mac & Cheese Dinner,  Look for Wacky Mac & Cheese Dinner in the Kosher aisle of your grocer.
-$1/1 Weight Watchers  Buy any one (1) Weight Watchers® Frozen Novelty,
-$.75/1 No Yolks  Buy 1 No Yolks Egg White Pasta,
-$.55/1 Sun Belt  Buy any 1 package of Sun Belt Hearty Grain Cookies,
-$.75/1 Little Debbie  Buy any 1 package of Little Debbie Double Chocolate Chip Muffins, 
-$1.25/3 abot  Buy 3 Cabot Cheese bars in your grocer’s dairy section,
-$.45/1 Little Debbie  Buy 1 Little Debbie® 100 Calorie Cakes, save $0.45 for college. Nine varieties available (may not be available in all locations)
-$1/1 Krusteaz  Buy any box of Krusteaz Waffles, Pancakes or French Toast featuring CoroWiseTM For A Healthy Start To Your Day, 
-$1.50/1 Tully’s Coffee  Buy any (1) Tully’s® variety in a 12-ct K-Cup® pack or 10-12 oz bag, 
-$.50/1 King Arthur Flour  Buy King Arthur Flour Unbleached Cake Flour,
-$1.50/1 Green Mountain  Buy any (1) 12 K-Cup pack or (1) 10-12 oz bagged coffee, sav
-$2/1 BIC Soleil  Buy any 4 blade Soleil System or Soleil Shimmer System handle or cartridge refill,
-$2/1 Gold Bond Pain Rel  Buy any 1 Gold Bond® Pain Relieving Foot Cream,
-$1/2 or $2/3 BIC Comfort 3  Buy any BIC Comfort 3® Men’s or Women’s Pivot 4 pack,  OR Buy any (2) BIC Comfort 3® Men’s or Women’s Pivot 4 packs, 
-$1/1 Charmin Plus Lotion  Buy 1 Charmin Plus Lotion,
-$.50/1 Bounty Napkins  Buy 1 Bounty Napkins, 
-$1/1 Charmin Fresh Mates  Buy 1 Charmin Fresh Mates,
-$1/1 Bounty Paper Towels  Buy any one (1) Bounty Paper Towels six (6) count or larger, 
-$1/1 Charmin MegaRoll  Buy any 1 Charmin MegaRoll,

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