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Wednesday, September 9, 2009; 10:14pm
Hello everybody. Over the summer I decided to start couponing, and I never realized how much money I would save! Recently I decided to start posting my savings on my facebook, then thought 'why not start a blog?' so here I am! There are some really fantastic websites and blogs that help me plan my shopping trips, and I will link to all of them. This blog will be primarily for me to show how I've done with my shopping, and hopefully inspire you to start saving money, too. Its really easy to coupon, you just have to devote a little bit of time. If you have any suggestions/comments/questions for me, feel free to ask!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Slow (but good) week!

Hi everyone out there in the couponing world!  It has been a very slow week for me with coupons, however I did make one trip.  A few days ago I went to CVS to get water that's on sale for a great price, and this fantastic nail polish I spotted the last time I was there.

3 Zephyrhills water (24 pack)
1 Milani nail polish
1 Heath bar--I was hungry! lol
--(1) $3/$15 coupon (found here on page 31)
Total Savings: $10.50 (57%)
Out of Pocket Total: $13.90

I think this was a great trip considering I didn't really have coupons!  And I noticed that on my receipt it says my Year to Date Savings is $135.23, and that's only since June! :)

This picture of the polish is from Manicure Mommas,   it's called Whimsical, by Milani.

I also have some great news about CVS that I got from Shellie from Saving with Shellie.  They are introducing the new Green Bag Tag.  You can purchase this for $0.99, put it on your bag, and earn $1 every fourth use.  So when you go to CVS they'll scan your CVS card, see that you have the reusable bag, and scan the Bag Tag to give you credit.  I know this will be a great coupon-earner with me since I ALWAYS take my bags with me.  To see more details go to Shellie's post here.

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  1. Isn't it a pretty color? You are welcome to use the pic! Thanks for the credit.

    And thanks for the info on the CVS bags. Do you have a Target? They are giving 5 cents credit for each bag used as well.