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Wednesday, September 9, 2009; 10:14pm
Hello everybody. Over the summer I decided to start couponing, and I never realized how much money I would save! Recently I decided to start posting my savings on my facebook, then thought 'why not start a blog?' so here I am! There are some really fantastic websites and blogs that help me plan my shopping trips, and I will link to all of them. This blog will be primarily for me to show how I've done with my shopping, and hopefully inspire you to start saving money, too. Its really easy to coupon, you just have to devote a little bit of time. If you have any suggestions/comments/questions for me, feel free to ask!

Monday, October 5, 2009

today's shopping trip and a note

First off, I'd like to thank Sheri at Swag Grabber for making the Price Point Spreadsheet.  I took this with me today to start filling out, and was shocked to find out that everything I priced was cheaper at Target than it was at Publix!  This really opened my eyes!

First on my list of stops today was Payless Shoes.  I needed to pick up a pair of shoes to wear to my nephew's Christening next week, so I googled and found this 15% off coupon to bring with me!  Also, since I only bought one pair of shoes, the cashier told me that if I bring back my receipt and make another purchase I can still take advantage of the BOGO sale.
1 pair black fancy-ish sandals
--(1) 15% off coupon
Total Savings:  $3.45 (15%)
Out of Pocket Total: $20.91

Jif Peanut butter
Publix Peanut butter
AAA Energizer Batteries 8 pack
2 reusable bags
--'Buy theirs, try ours' promo: FREE Publix peanut butter
--(1) $0.55/1 Publix PB coupon
--(1) $2/2 reusable bags (Peelie from the batteries, made the bags FREE)
Total Savings: $6.16 (33%)
Out of Pocket Total: 12.40

40 Fancy Feast Appetizers
5 Mott's Apple Juice
--(20) BOGO Fancy Feast Manuf. coupons
--(20) BOGO Fancy Feast Target coupons
--FREE $5 Target gift card with purchase of 5 Mott's items
Total Savings: $56.76 (83%)
Out of Pocket Total: 11.85

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