Thanks for joining me in my couponing adventures!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009; 10:14pm
Hello everybody. Over the summer I decided to start couponing, and I never realized how much money I would save! Recently I decided to start posting my savings on my facebook, then thought 'why not start a blog?' so here I am! There are some really fantastic websites and blogs that help me plan my shopping trips, and I will link to all of them. This blog will be primarily for me to show how I've done with my shopping, and hopefully inspire you to start saving money, too. Its really easy to coupon, you just have to devote a little bit of time. If you have any suggestions/comments/questions for me, feel free to ask!

Monday, October 5, 2009

How I plan my shopping

Just like organizing your coupons, planning your shopping can be done many different ways and is a highly personal thing, using whatever method works best for you.  I thought I'd share my process with you, maybe it will help you figure out your own easy way!

The first thing I do is check out what coupons will be in the Sunday paper by going to The Sunday Coupon Preview and deciding whether or not I want to buy a paper.  If there are enough coupons that I want, I buy two copies of the paper, that way if something is BOGO I can get better savings by using one coupon for each item.  I know many people buy upwards of 20 papers, but that's just too much for me.

The next thing I do is go through the fliers for Walgreens, CVS, Target, and Kmart (if I don't buy a paper I check the ads online) and make a list.  (I go through most of the fliers, but these four are my main ones on Sundays for grocery shopping.)  The list is divided by store and has the item and the price or sale deal (%off).  I do this for each store, even if items are repeated.  You can't really tell from this picture (sorry!), but it gives you a general idea of what one of my lists looks like.  I did this one yesterday at work on my lunch break, which is why its on a paper towel.

Once I have my list to choose from, I narrow it down and make another list, still by store, and list the corresponding coupons for each item.  This list looks something like this.

Once this actual shopping list is complete, I gather the coupons and either paper clip them to the list or put them in an envelope seperate from my coupon folder.

Having this detailed list really helps when I shop because I know exactly what I need and what coupons to use.

During the week, I do the same thing with the Publix flier (their sale week runs Thursday-Wednesday).

Also, if I have a list of things that I just have to get that aren't necessarily on sale, I make the list (like an 'average' shopping list you would see), and check the printable coupon database at A Full Cup.  I sometimes do a Google search as well to see if anything turns up if I didn't have any luck at AFC.

I hope this has helped you.  If you have any questions, don't hesitat to contact me! :)


  1. Wow cool, you must be really organized.

    Ad for me I really need to work more on organization for me in many aspects...

    Keep on going, seems like its fun too. :)

    Cheers! :)

  2. Hi Cool Games,
    I'm pretty organized when it comes to my shopping because it helps me see what I'll be saving/spending and it makes the actual trip to the store so much easier. If only I were that organized with the rest of my life! lol :)